Tips of How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes

For ages, lipsticks are associated with ladies and work as a beauty enhancer. Though it is a sensual part of any woman, sometimes the same lipsticks cause mishap and they engrave a stain on the expensive clothes of ladies and diminish all the sensation of the face. Throughout history, people had different assumptions and domestic tricks to get rid of lipstick spots spontaneously but rarely they worked, espesially getting lipstick out of white clothes is challenging but not impossible.

There are various techniques to handle such kinds of calamities. We are here to enlighten you with the progressive steps to get lipstick stains out of clothes of the ladies’ gorgeous attire in no time.


Step1: Stop the stretching of lipstick

Lift away the excessive spread of lipstick with the help of a blunt knife or a credit card before washing it out with some detergent or chemical. This way is useful because it will stop the stain from dispersing all over the dress.

Step 2: Add the chemicals carefully

Now it’s time to use high-proof isopropyl alcohol for more clothing cleaning which needs to be applied not directly but by adding a little water with this chemical and damping cotton in it. Apply on the affected place moderately; later rinse the garment with cold water. It is recommended that if your cloth is really sensitive or slender then try it firstly on the hidden piece of the dress which can be somewhere inside the dress; an extra piece for stitching to check if it spoils the clothes or remove the stain.

Step 3: Make use of a stain remover

In case of having the stain still on the cloth, employing a stain remover may be all that is required to remove the lipstick.

There are multiple stain remover chemicals, solvent-based stain remover, and liquid detergents in the market,regardless of which option you choose, it is suggested to always verify the care label directions before using a stain remover.

Step 4: Using a Liquid Detergent

To be cautious of not expanding the strain, deeply sink your cloth in the warm water and rub it for some time by pouring a small quantity of washing detergent.

This process can be made significantly more effective by using a little remover. Hot water should be evaded because of the fact that it can cause the stain to leak into the nearby range. Don’t wash it in the washing machine unless the greasy spot is totally unseen and can’t be seen through naked eyes.

Step 5: Hair spray can be useful

Your handbag must have a solution to such misfortune. Often ladies carry all the makeup accessories including hairspray in their shoulder bag. Take out that spray immediately and sprinkle it on the affected area and let it stay there for not more than 10-15 minutes. It cures your misery regarding the threat of losing one of the elegant attires from your wardrobe. Eliminate the hairspray as well as the lipstick by putting the clean towel in the warm water and gently rub the concerned portion with it.

In case this method doesn’t play magically, enlist the assistance of a professional dry-cleaning center.

Step 6: Carefully Check the Stain Again for Permanent Solution

After removing the lipstick, toss the clothing into the washing machine and wash it in routine. It will be good to observe the spot carefully if the stain is no longer evident before drying the clothes. If the lipstick stain remains, repeat the procedure until it is no longer visible.

The same procedure of 6 steps can be adopted to take off the rigid lipstick stains and spots from the carpets, curtains, sofas, or anywhere wherever unfortunately this accident occurs. This is a mild treatment that doesn’t spoil the surface of the fabric and maintains its quality.

Some necessary and unavoidable things

Never go directly to bleach the stain. If you choose, then there are some conditions. For white and cotton clothes you can apply chlorine bleach but don’t put it on colored clothes instead oxygen bleach is friendly for colored and printed fabrics.

We think of all the things which women want and manage their glory and glamour by giving the experienced suggestions and guidelines.