Have you had the tragic experience of knocking your favorite makeup off your vanity accidently? We know exactly how you feel. Finding the perfect face compact and buttery eye shadows and breaking them before even having the chance to indulge into them with your whole heart... Devastating!

But hold those precious tears, we might have just the solution to fix your broken dreams. 

Fixing Broken Powder

Did your face compact slip out of your fingers and fall to the floor? You open the compact and see the cake shattered into a million pieces?

Don’t worry, your powder is not yet ready to be tossed into the bin. Gather the broken pieces and get ready for an art and craft session:

  • Take the broken pieces of the powder in a container and start grinding them with a small tool like a toothpick.
  • Thoroughly grind until all the product is converted into a fine powder
  • Now you can either use this loose powder as it is, or
  • Press the powder back into the compact firmly
  • Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol on top
  • Press firmly into a flat compact
  • Let dry for a few minutes

And your compact face powder/blush/eyeshadow is as good as new.

Saving your favorite Lipstick

Breaking that perfect shade of red lipstick or that daily pink lip that you can’t step out of your house without, is just as tragic. But we’re here with yet another hack to save your day.

  • Take the broken piece of the lipstick and a small source of heat, like a lighter
  • Head the broken end of the piece of lipstick with the flame, enough to melt it a little
  • Join the broken end of the lower part of lipstick with the melted end of the upper part
  • Hold it for a minute or so, then put it in the fridge for a few hours

And tada!

But wait, what if your lipstick is too less and beyond repair? In that case you can melt all of the remaining broken lipstick and store it in a small container. You can now apply it with a lip brush or your fingers.

What do you have to give up?

As much as we all want to, unfortunately, all makeup cannot be saved. If you happen to shatter your liquid foundation in that glass bottle, don’t try to collect its remains. The foundation is now unhygienic for your skin and it may have specks of glass that your eye can not catch.

So it is preferable to get rid of that product, instead of risking the health of your skin.

Besides that, products that are expired, smell funny or their color has changed, sadly you have to let go of them too. They are no longer safe for your skin.

We hope this solves your beauty emergencies and helps you make better decisions when you can’t decide if your damaged products are recoverable or not.