Hacks for Looking Flawless Without Makeup

Are you tired trying to hack your way around time, getting ready for school or work in the morning or casually going for a quick grocery run without having to plaster your whole face with a multitude of makeup products? So are we!

Look pretty Without makeup

This new era is all about minimalism and embracing your natural skin and we hear you. So we have compiled some essential steps to help you look pretty without makeup.


To start off, the foremost thing we need is a clean canvas. Cleanse and wash your face daily to keep the impurities and dust from building up on your skin which can ruin the texture and cause acne on your skin.

The choice of cleanser should usually be a gentle cleanser, unless you are trying to combat acne or uneven texture for which cleansers with retinol and/or salicylic acid are available (to be used on the advice of a specialist)

Slate Clean


Exfoliate your skin at least once a week to get rid of that weekly buildup of environmental impurities and dead skin.

Chemical exfoliation with AHA, BHA, glycolic acid or different fruit acids can help gently peel off that layer of dead skin to bring out your youthful plump skin from under. Physical exfoliation with scrubs can also do the trick if you are somewhat skeptical and new to the world of skincare.



Toners are your best buddies when it comes to evening up your uneven skin tone and resurfacing stubborn pores. Apply them after cleansing your face before going to bed to achieve best results.

Looking Pretty without makeup


Now that your skin is all clean and stripped of impurities as well as some essential oils, you need to start enriching it with skin nutrients.

Face serums containing hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides, essential amino acids and vitamin C etc are food to your skin, giving it the healthy glow it needs. Oils like coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, sesame seed oil, avocado oil, olive oil etc give you that extra radiance.

Massaging these products nicely and properly into the skin helps get rid of puffiness, aids with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation giving you that rosy fresh glow. Here’s how to do it:

Serum and Oil


Many of us believe serums and face oils substitute for moisturizers, this is one of the most common misconception. Moisturizers act to laboriously hydrate and lock in all the products that you just put on your skin, to help them achieve optimal absorption and give them time to work on you.

Moisturizers that are fragrance-free, without alcohol and have good amounts of glycerin are your skin’s best friends, pick them.


A large proportion of people tend to ignore their neck and lips while giving their face a skin care session. Don’t ignore them, without plump moisturized lips and an evenly cared for neck, your beauty is incomplete. Extend your hands down your neck and slap on that tinted lip balm to complete your natural glow.


We know, by now, you must have heard of the over hyped spF and its importance. It’s not a hoax, trust me. Abide and preach! During day time, even if you’re not stepping out, wear a spF. It helps you prevent sun burn, freckling, pigmentation and helps delay wrinkling and other signs of ageing.


Your beauty is never complete without your hair sorted out. Take care of those beautiful curls you own, nourish them, don’t over wash them and keep them clean and tangle free then you can never go wrong.

Maintain your brow hair to complete your facial beauty and frame your everyday look.


Working too hard or binging on that Netflix show you love in the late hours? We’re all guilty of that, right?

But achieving healthy looking skin, radiant eyes and that fresh morning glow with that routine is bit of an outstretch. Fix up your routine and prioritize to get rid of those dark circles around your eyes and dull skin, it’s not too late.


What you eat, shows on you. Eating healthy, including essential nutrients in your diet and drinking enough water can make the whole difference for you.

So cut down on those fries you have as a snack and grab an apple instead.

Following these steps and incorporating them into your daily life can help you achieve that perfect, glowy, and spotless skin, freeing you from the shackles of makeup so you can rock your bare face with minimal effort anywhere you go!