15 Genius Makeup Organizing Ideas For Small Spaces

Are you a makeup junkie? Can you not stop yourself from buying that new shade of your favourite lipstick? Then we’re on the same boat. Buying new makeup is as exciting to us as tasting new flavours for food lovers.

 But we often tend to run out of space to store our makeup and skin care supplies. If you have small and limited space then the solution is to make more space by organizing.

We have some amazing tips and tricks for you which can help expand your small space to adjust all your makeup and skin care products. So read on to learn these hacks.

Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers serve a great purpose at organizing your makeup as they are adjustable and you can set them up according to your space requirement for your makeup products etc. 

Once properly organized, your makeup is bound to take up less space than before.

Clear Acrylic Organizers

You can effectively sort your makeup by putting them in clear acrylic containers that you can easily get from amazon or local shops. Puting similar products together will also make it easy for you to reach for the specific product when needed.

Makeup Brush Holders

Makeup brushes if not stored properly get dirty and their bristles break and get damaged, store your makeup brushes in makeup brush holders with lids to keep them safe and hygienic.

Keep your makeup brushes dust proof and organised in a makeup brush organizer with a sliding door , made with great quality plastic that does not ignore the aesthetic of your vanity table.

Rotating Makeup Organizer

You must have seen infomercials of this product, a 360 degree rotating makeup organizer with adjustable shelves. This product is a great organizer for makeup creams and perfumes. Everything can be fitted into this organizer and you can save space. 


If you’re willing to splurge, getting yourself a vanity is your best shot. It gives you your very own space where you can apply your makeup and groom yourself and additionally it comes with drawers or a cabinet behind the mirror where you can easily store all your cluttered makeup and skin care products. 

If you want something smaller, you can get vanity boxes that serve as storage for both makeup and jewellery.

Storage Rack Shelf Or Caddy

To save space you can put up a storage rack behind a door or a caddy on the wall where you can keep all your products and makeup containers.

Makeup Organizer With Drawers

Clear plastic and wooden organizers are available in the market with drawers in them, these are great for sectioning and organising your makeup products, it can also double up as a jewellery organizer. You can even put a label on the drawers designating its contents.

Corner Storage Shelf

If you are totally out of space and you can not even put down an organizer to fit your products into. Then you should get a corner shelf that can fit perfectly into any corner without taking much space.

Lipstick Holder

This is a necessary organizer for lipstick hoarders. Lipstick organisers can be box like or a rotating shelf, these help keep all the lipsticks organized so you don’t forget about some products that you own and are easy to reach for you.

A lipstick organizer with a door comes in very handy as it keeps your lipsticks dust proof and prevents the lipstick bullets from falling down.

Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

To save surface space, floating shelves can be mounted on walls where you can keep your makeup essentials without having to throw them in the drawer which is already cluttered to the brim.

Glass Canisters

Recycled glass canisters or new ones with lids are great for organizing makeup and skin care products, they are great as qtip jars , cotton balls containers, lipsticks holders and eye pencils organizers etc.

Glass Storage Box

Luxurious glass storage boxes like our mothers used to keep can be a great alternative for organizing and sorting makeup products and jewellery.

A jewellery organizer with multiple drawers in it to keep your makeup products and jewellery all in one place can serve as a great option for you.


Mirrored Tray

Mirrored trays and containers not only give an elegant look to vanity tops but also serve to organise perfumes, containers and everyday-use makeup products.

DIY Mason Jar Organizer

If you are up for an art project, then this is a great way to store and organize your makeup and skin care essentials.

Take 3 to 4 mason jars, spray paint them or tie a rope around them, and mount them on a plain wooden plank with super glue. Mount that plank onto a wall and enjoy organizing in your new and aesthetic makeup organizer.

Magnetic Makeup Board

Another super fun project for you. Take a metallic sheet , paint or cover it with a wrapping paper/cloth to decorate it. Then mount it on a wall. Now take your makeup cake and compact products and glue magnets onto their bottoms and Voila! You have your own magnetic makeup board.


Can I pile up my makeup compacts in my makeup drawer?

That is not a preferable way of storing makeup compacts and powders, they can break if kept piled up. instead , you should keep your makeup with the base of the compact against the wall of the drawer and then stack them against one another, so they are easy to pull out and don’t break easily by falling.

How do i organize makeup according to utility?

Keep your most used daily wear makeup products nearest to you and separate from other products, they should either be on the top of your vanity or in the top most drawer.

What can I use from my house for organizing makeup?

Old mason jars, jam containers, plastic ice cream boxes, metallic biscuit boxes and even shoe boxes can be utilized and recycled as organizers for makeup and jewellery.